Cookiebot – cookie management tool

Cookiebot is a user-friendly and efficient solution for managing website cookies. It provides an automatic inventory of cookies and a list of all the cookies used on the site, along with their related privacy policies.

With Cookiebot, you can easily manage and maintain your website's cookies while complying with current data privacy laws. The service also offers users the option to consent or refuse cookie usage, ensuring that your site is GDPR compliant.

Implementing Cookiebot is quick and easy. It suits both small and large websites, offering continuous support and development. The service is scalable, allowing you to add features as needed.

By using Cookiebot, you can trust that your website's cookie management is up to date and compatible with all current laws. It also provides the opportunity to enhance user experience by offering them choices regarding cookies. Join Cookiebot users and enjoy worry-free and lawful cookie management.

Gingercode is an official reseller of Cookiebot as well. You can find the price list here.

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